Boy Playing Soccer on XerProWe admit it! We love it when people use our interactive fitness, dance and sports training products then say things like “The kids loved it,” and “Instead of avoiding activity, everyone will always ask for ‘one more turn on Sportwall!’”1

Worthington Area YMCA is one of many sites that is having a great success getting kids up running, jumping and developing ball handling skills using our Sportwall XerPro. The Worthington Y was looking for a way to improve a space that they had set aside for a kid’s gym. It was not a huge space so they were in need of a something that would allow a large number of kids to participate in physical activities but did not take up all the space so they could use the room for other activities.

And now? “The kids loved it…What are things kids love to do? They like to run, they like to throw things and they like to hit things. And that’s the [Sport]wall. They are running around, they are throwing balls and they are using the noodles to hit the targets. It’s a great way to get kids active and moving. It works great for the little kids, but it also starts building into sports elements, the change of direction, the throwing, the catching and it can be developed to training top-level athletes.”1

The Worthington YMCA was able to receive their XerPro thanks to a generous support of The Worthington Regional Healthcare Foundation who understands the importance of physical activities for all ages.

We always appreciate hearing stories about people using our products and having fun and getting fit.

If you would like more information about the Worthington Area YMCA or The Worthington Regional Healthcare Foundation please contact us at 1-800-900-8542.

1. Aaron Hagen, (2011, August 4th). A wall for all ages. Worthington Daily Globe. Retrieved from

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