With headlines like “’Exergames’ is Good for Kids” popping up in print and on the web, we are excited to see that medical media has responded positively to a recent research study published by the Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine on exergaming. This first of its kind study measured clinical results in two exergaming categories, energy expenditure and enjoyment. The results were good news for kids who are looking for fun and inclusive forms of exercise that really work! The exergames industry was also a clear winner in the study, validating their efforts to create viable solutions to get kids more active.

Sportwall XerPro™, from Exercise Technology in Ventura CA, was rated the #1 exergame overall. The first in MET (Metabolic Equivalent Task) value, the first in commercial exergame for “energy expenditure” and the first among all exergames in “enjoyment”. Other exergames tested also did well versus traditional exercise.

Exergaming, aka interactive fitness, active gaming or interactive exercise, combines computer game-based play with exercise. Exergames uses the appeal and motivation of technology-driven interactive feedback to attract more people to an active and healthy lifestyle by making fitness more fun. Interactive fitness concepts like XerGames™, which includes Sportwall and its extensive programming, motivate people with solutions that have proven to make fitness and sports training more fun while challenging both body and mind, something most traditional fitness equipment doesn’t do. Group oriented exergames like Sportwall and the multiplayer dance system XerDance also encourage development of social and team skills.

The study’s authors, Bruce Bailey, PhD of Brigham Young and Kyle McInnis, ScD of UMass Boston, suggested that Sportwall’s team oriented activity may also have contributed to its number one enjoyment rating. They also noted that children with higher BMIs (body mass index) enjoyed exergames, particularly Sportwall, more than those with lower BMI’s, indicating that interactive fitness may offer a viable solution to the inactivity and obesity crisis.

Links to selected media coverage of this groundbreaking study, including more details of the results.

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